Born and raised in and around London, Holly draws inspiration from inner city life. These influences are evident in her abstracted paintings, and reflected in her edgy style and effusive use of texture and colour. Her work references an eclectic mix of street art, graffiti, and the natural decay of urban spaces.

Her recent years have been spent travelling the world, sourcing and photographing inspiring scenes and developing her own way of recording the places she visits, from New York and Berlin, to India and Australia. Returning to London, she sets about, in her own unique way, recreating these surroundings — by summoning the cities’ walls and spaces to the canvas.


‘Pieces of Heaven’group show/charity auction, The Art of Elysium , Los Angeles, California, USA 2013

‘Scratching Beneath the Surface’ solo exhibition, No Walls Gallery, Brighton 2012

‘Permanence’ group show, Space 27 Gallery and Pure Living, Montreal, Canada 2012

‘International Women’ group show, Shea & Ziegler, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington 2012

‘Art and Eat’ solo exhibition, Wagamama/Moniker Projects, London 2011

‘Archetypes’ group show, Upfest Festival, View Art Gallery Bristol 2011

‘There is No Such Thing as a Good Painting About Nothing’ group show, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin 2010

‘Mixed Signals’ group show, Signal Gallery, London 2009

‘Metropolis’ joint solo exhibition, Sesame Gallery, London 2009

Beyond Eden Art Fair, LeBasse Gallery, California, USA 2009

‘2000 and Down’ group show, The Art Lounge, London 2009

‘April Fools’ group show, Gallery Nosco, London 2009

‘XXI’ group show, The Art Lounge London 2009

‘Steal From Work’, group show Bristol 2008

‘2’ group show, The Art Lounge, London 2008

Street Art Awards, Rough Trade Records, London 2008

‘Say It As It Is’ group show, Signal Gallery, London 2008

Solo exhibition, Galeria Meson Panza Verde, Antigua Guatamala 2006

Solo exhibition, Brb Gallery, London 2004

‘Hype’ group show, The Truman Brewery/Hewlett Packard, London 2004

Solo exhibition, Carbon, London 2003

Solo exhibition, Brb Gallery, London 2002